S-Dermopeadiatric Face Cream SPF50+



protects the skin against UVA and UVB
protects the skin against cold and wind
high tolerance and effectiveness
clinically and dermatologically tested
dermatological formula developed for sensitive skin
Recommended for everyday protection of particularly delicate skin of children and babies from 1 day of life against intense sunlight and external factors (cold, wind).
It is also recommended for atopic skin, hypersensitive and prone to allergy to sun rays and chemical filters.
Daily care for the sensitive skin of the face of children and babies from birth.

The cream is based 100% on mineral filters, reflects and disperses the sun’s rays, providing very high protection of the skin against intense sun exposure and its adverse effects.
It creates a mineral screen on the skin surface, reducing the risk of harmful UVA and UVB radiation penetrating deep into the skin.
It minimizes the occurrence of damage and sunburn. The cream largely neutralizes free radicals responsible for photosensitizing reactions and inhibits the tendency to allergies, irritations, itching and sun blemishes.
The natural effect of using mineral filters is to leave a thin, white protective layer on the skin.
Hygroscopic particles support the regeneration of the epidermis, eliminate the symptoms of tightening and tension of the skin and protect it from drying out.

100% mineral filters
create a protective layer on the surface of the skin that reflects UVA and UVB radiation. It does not get absorbed into the skin, but only settles on its surface.

Usage Directions:
Gently spread a small amount of cream on the face.
Recommended for everyday use.
The application is especially recommended before exposing the skin to harmful external factors.
In order to achieve the desired level of protection indicated on the sunscreen, sunscreen products should be applied in an amount of 2 mg / cm 2 , which corresponds to 6 teaspoons of the emulsion (approximately 36 grams) per body of the average adult. Applying less sunscreen product will reduce protection. To maintain protection, repeat the application every 2 hours, after wiping the body with a towel, swimming or sweating.
Excessive exposure to the sun can be a serious health hazard. Avoid overexposure or protect the skin with high sunscreen when the sun is at its strongest.
Solar protection products do not provide 100% protection.
Keep babies and children out of direct sunlight.

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