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About Tatiana

I am an aesthetician (beauty therapist) and professional make-up artist. I love all things beauty but, more than that, I love showing women that their beauty is already there, just waiting to be enhanced by the right products, correct skincare routine and makeup techniques.

I qualified as an aesthetician (or beauty therapist) in 1997 in Pretoria, after which I opened my own small salon in Pretoria and later a retail salon in Knysna on beautiful Thesen Island. Over the years,as I began to meet and work with different women, I fostered a real love for cosmetics and beauty products, seeing first-hand how they can tweak and complement natural features to create the very best version of each of my unique clients.

In 2001, I delved deeper into the world of aesthetics, and qualified as a Professional Make-up Artist from The Make-up School in Johannesburg. This allowed me to hone my skills and learn even more about the art that I love. Over the years, I’ve also done nail courses, and I enjoy creating gorgeous nails with Gelish and experimenting with nail art.

With more than 23 years experience in the beauty and cosmetic industries, I have learned that make-up does not make anyone beautiful. It only enhances and brings out the unique features that make each woman beautiful in her own right. When make-up is done properly, it can mask flaws and enhance features in a natural, striking way. But, if applied incorrectly, the result can be an artificial, heavy look that does not feel good or photograph well.

I firmly believe that a beautiful skin is the key to you looking flawless and feeling beautiful. So, the beauty products that I use are designed to get your skin looking and feeling as healthy as possible, creating the best canvas for the make-up to follow. They also have the long-term advantage of making the aging process as graceful and healthful as possible. For this reason, I do not compromise on the quality of the beauty products that I use. I insist on the very best for each of my clients, based on their skin, their needs and the end result that we are working together to achieve.

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