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I believe in the products that I use and I insist on only the best for my clients. Over the years, I have built up a repertoire of a few favourites, and I have had fantastic results in terms of the quality of the skin care as well as makeup.

FILLMED – Skin perfusion skin care range AESTHETIC MEDICINE EXPERTISE

Laboratoires FILLMED has designed, developed and marketed anti-ageing products for medical aesthetic professionals since 1978: for surgeons, dermatologists and aesthetic practitioners. These products correct the signs of ageing and improve skin quality.

Developed by a French laboratory leading in cosmetic medicine and skin quality, SKIN PERFUSION is an innovative cosmeceutical range especially designed to maintain and enhance the results of cosmetic procedures.

Formulated with high-grade ingredients in optimal concentrations, SKIN PERFUSION products are based on the Mix’n Match principle to achieve the best visible results on skin appearance and to best fit the needs of each skin through tailor-made solutions.

Combining in-office and home treatments, SKIN PERFUSION allows a holistic treatment of ageing skin. The specific protocols combine superficial peels, micro-needling and professional skincare to address the concerns of ageing skin:

  • hydration
  • glow
  • wrinkles
  • firmness
  • blemishes
  • pigmentation
  • eyes
  • post treatment
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1978. The story begins with Dr. Michel Tordjman, a French doctor with a passion for cell biology. After years of research on skin physiology, Dr. Tordjman invented a unique injectable polyrevitalizing formula capable of acting on the key parameters of skin health. From this passion, Laboratoires Filorga was born with a passion for developing cosmetics that provide unique benefits for the daily user.


FILORGA Laboratories grew their medicinal expertise by designing and manufacturing injectables used by the world's greatest specialists in aesthetic medicine.

MEDI-COSMETICS, A RANGE OF REVOLUTIONARY COSMETICS-CARE PRODUCTS This expertise developed in aesthetic medicine by Laboratoires FILORGA was the genesis for the creation of MEDI-COSMETIQUE, with the goal to develop a range of cosmetic products formulated with hyaluronic acid and extending the active ingredients used in injections to new applications in the formulation of cutting -edge cosmetics.

AN UNPARALLELED CORE FORMULA: NCEF The common link from the medical history to the new topical applications in cosmetics, the NCEF is a unique complex developed by Dr. Tordjman.

THE SAME ACTIVE INGREDIENTS USED IN INJECTIONS EXTENDED TO A NEW TOPICAL USE ... NCEF contains 50 ingredients [vitamins, amino acids, minerals, coenzymes, antioxidants] inspired by medical applications.

REAL ANTI-AGING PERFORMANCE The NCEF is capable of providing key cosmetic benefits such as skin appearance and skin quality.


  • (2) Tested on all FILORGA day creams
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Milk Solutions

Milk Solutions is made in South Africa and has been specifically formulated to address the everyday exposure of the skin of the hands and feet to some of the harshest and most visibly damaging environmental elements.

With an outdoors-oriented lifestyle, blazing sunshine, incredible heat and fiercely dry air, feet in South Africa are kept bare whenever possible, contending with grass, sand, stones and gravel from their very first steps. Lengthy walking distances, outdoor activities, sports and a culture of dancing are part of the everyday for many.

Hands are (ab)used as tools for cooking, cleaning, gardening, carrying and are frequently exposed to treated water and chemicals. In a country where cars are the primary form of transport, they also suffer from daily exposure to harsh windscreen-magnified rays.

Combining traditional and non-traditional beauty ingredients with advanced scientific technologies and processes, each Milk Solutions product has been developed to deliver effective, visible results that actively address the variety of hand, feet and nail concerns experienced by women of different ages, ethnicities and lifestyles.

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Motherkind Collagen Products and Supplements

Motherkind Collagen is premium pure hydrolysate collagen peptides. Collagen makes up 70% of your dermis, therefore, providing your body with collagen may help maintain a healthy dermis in order to prevent thinning of hair and to rejuvenate hair loss. In addition it plays a role in strengthening skin, plus may benefit both elasticity and hydration.

Glow From within Collagen supports integrity of our cartilage, supports in tightening, strengthening and toning the entire digestive system, and supports our sleep quality.

  • Motherkind's beauty collagen
  • Pure type +III collagen peptides
  • Flavourless and odourless.
  • Quick and easily dissolves in your favourite beverage.
  • Keto friendly.
  • Safe to use during pregnancy & breastfeeding
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Norvell Venetian Self Tanning Products

Norvell’s Self Tanning products are developed with breakthrough sunless tanning technology to deliver long lasting color.

Venetian is developed with VIO-7™, a unique blend of anti-orange bronzer pigments, designed to counter an unwanted orange undertone for a natural-looking tan. It is the best-selling, proprietary sunless formula, as instant cosmetic bronzers with extended or rapid tans match skin colors found on the beautiful beaches of the European Riviera.

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Phamaceris Skincare, Hair and Body Range

Dermocosmetics for problem skin

The Pharmaceris brand offers safe specialist dermocosmetics that are specifically targeted to meet skincare needs and assist in the treatment of most common skin problems.

Pharmaceris dermocosmetics have been developed by a team of experts who, by combining dermatological solutions and advanced cosmetic formulas, have managed to obtain preparations capable of addressing a number of different difficult-to-treat skin problems.

Systematically arranged into 13 product lines, these preparations contribute to developing comprehensive skin care programmes with proven effectiveness and safety. All formulas have been dermatologically tested, with some of them even clinically tested on patients suffering from skin problems, by independent research institutes and hospitals.

Pharmaceris – a trusted brand

Millions of loyal and satisfied consumers have already recognised the high effectiveness and safety of products sold under the Pharmaceris brand. The brand has also won recognition from medical specialists, such as dermatologists, paediatricians and pharmacists, gynaecologists and midwives, who all recommend it to their patients.

Pharmaceris specialist dermocosmetics have received a number of prestigious awards and distinctions both in Polish and foreign markets.

Proven to be highly effective and safe

Recommended by dermatologists.

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