H- Sebopurin Seborrhoeic Shampoo



83% reduces greasy hair
76% of hair stays fresh for longer
high tolerance and effectiveness
dermatologically tested

Shampoo for washing and caring for hair prone to oily and seborrheic scalp, prone to irritation and skin hypersensitivity to irritants.

The bio-mild formula of the shampoo with a complex of burdock extract and biotin effectively cleanses and cares for the hair, maintaining the proper biological balance of the skin, significantly reducing oily hair.
The complex with vitamin B3 reduces the excessive activity of the sebaceous glands and inhibits seborrheic scalp inflammation.
Olamine pyroctonate has an antibacterial effect, restoring the balance of the epidermal microflora.
Zinc salts enhance the soothing effect of the shampoo, soothing skin irritation and itching.
High-quality wheat proteins have a protective effect, significantly smoothing the hair structure and increasing its elasticity.
Regular use of the shampoo extends the freshness period of the hair to about 3 days, minimizing the need for frequent washing. It has a neutral pH for the skin

Burdock extract – effectively regulates the bacterial flora and excessive greasy hair. It has antibacterial properties.
Biotin extract – maintains the proper condition of the skin, inhibits seborrhoeic dermatitis and reduces the excessive production of seborrhea. It strengthens the hair roots and the hair regains its strength and shine. It significantly improves the condition of the hair, their density and elasticity.
Vitamin B3 – reduces excess sebum production. It accelerates the regeneration process of skin and hair damaged by UV rays.
Olamine pyroctonate – restores the balance of the epidermal microflora, eliminating flaking of both hairless and hairy skin (dandruff), preventing recurrence of ailments.
Zinc salts

Usage Directions:
Apply to wet hair. Massage until foam is formed. Rinse thoroughly with water.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water.

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