Time Filler Intensive Serum


Wrinkles Correction Serum

Discover TIME-FILLER INTENSIVE multi-correction face serum, the latest addition to TIME-FILLER range, that smooths all types of wrinkles in 7 days!
Whether used alone or in addition to the other products within TIME-FILLER anti-wrinkle range, this anti-aging face serum was inspired by aesthetic medicine techniques for intensive correction of all types of wrinkles.
Expression lines – Contraction wrinkles.A hexapeptide to relax the features.
Deep wrinkles – Powerful peptides to plump up pronounced wrinkles on the face, combined with encapsulated hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate the skin.
Surface Wrinkles – A peeling effect active ingredient to smooth skin micro-breaks in the skin.
Dryness Wrinkles – A plant extract captures water to reduce dehydration wrinkles.
Neck wrinkles – A restructuring active ingredient to smooth out neck lines.
Additional Benefit : formula is boosted with tightening polysaccharides for express smoothing of the skin.

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