N-Capilix Vitamin C Ampoule



93% improves skin elasticity
90% regenerates and smoothes
high tolerance and effectiveness
dermatologically tested

The concentrate is especially recommended for capillary skin, prone to free radicals (oxidative stress), the formation of micro-irritations and signs of faster aging, deepening wrinkles, loss of radiance and firmness.
Preparation C – CAPILIX is also recommended as a revitalizing treatment for tired, gray and discolored skin.

The use of a special form of vitamin C in the concentrate allows for its deeper penetration while increasing the antioxidant and smoothing potential.
It stimulates collagen synthesis, improving elasticity and firmness, and in effect correcting the signs of skin aging.
Vitamin C strengthens the regenerative mechanisms of the skin and the network of blood vessels, reducing the tendency to redness and over-reactivity.
Regulates the production of melanin, preventing discoloration.
Vitamin E contained in the concentrate facilitates the absorption and assimilation of vitamin C, optimizing its action.
The concentrate soothes and reduces the resulting redness, additionally unifying the skin tone and gently brightening it.

Usage Directions:
Use the concentrate daily for the day / night on cleansed and moist skin of the face, neck and d?collet?.
Use the PURI-CAPILIQUE toner to moisturize the skin.
Then massage the concentrate and apply the used care cream.
In the case of gray and dry skin, the preparation should be used for a minimum of one month.

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