N-Capinon Vitamin K Cream



96% reduces irritation and restores skin color
96% moisturizes the skin
84% reduces redness
high tolerance and effectiveness
clinically and dermatologically tested

A preparation for the daily care of sensitive skin with dilated capillaries and a tendency to periodic hyper-reactivity, appearing under the influence of external factors, such as sudden temperature changes, strong emotions, consumption of alcohol and spicy spices.
Recommended for use before and after medical and cosmetic procedures to strengthen blood vessels and reduce redness and accelerate the skin regeneration process.
It is also recommended for skin care in people prone to bruising, bruising, extravasation and shadows under the eyes, and as a prophylactic for rosacea-prone skin.

The preparation with vitamin K * in a concentration of 1% quickly soothes and reduces the intensity of skin redness and the visibility of dilated capillaries.
It reduces periodic erythema resulting from chronic and intense external factors.
Vitamin K has a sealing effect on the walls of blood vessels, preventing their damage and the formation of permanent redness.
The cream prepares the skin for aesthetic medicine treatments in order to minimize redness and irritation.
It clearly accelerates skin regeneration after treatments, soothing irritation, feeling of tension and erythema.
It shows elasticizing and moisturizing properties.

Vitamin K * – is responsible for the proper blood clotting process. Vitamin K accelerates the healing process of subcutaneous ecchymoses, extravasations, bruises or redness as well as visible, cracked and dilated blood vessels resulting from mechanical or physical damage to the walls of blood vessels.
* epoxy (oxide)

Usage Directions:
Use the cream daily on the surface of undamaged skin in places of changes.
Apply a thin layer of cream on clean, dry skin and massage gently until absorbed.
In the period of severe changes, use twice a day until they disappear, and then prophylactically once a day.
In the case of vascular skin, use it for daily care.
If necessary, after using a cream with vitamin K, you can additionally apply a skin care cream (preferably from the Pharmaceris N line).
In periods of high sun exposure, remember to protect against UVA and UVB rays.
When using the product, temporary discomfort and skin irritation may occur, which are a natural reaction to the enhanced effects of the active ingredients contained in the cream.

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