B3-Recovery Cream


Hydrates, Soothes & Repairs

Soothing cream.
Ideal post-intervention.
Soothing care containing ingredients with hydrating properties. Vitamin B3 boosts collagen synthesis and strengthens the skin barrier. To avoid uncomfortable sensations following an aesthetic procedure, the formula is specially designed to protect sensitive and reactive skin from aggressions.
Vitamin B3 + H-Urea: regenerating moisturisers reputed to replenish the skin’s moisture barrier.
Plant-based complex: known for its powerful soothing properties and its capacity to relieve feelings of discomfort due to dryness.
Mirabilis Jalapa extract: soothing active ingredient known to enhance the resilience of sensitive and reactive skins.
Rhamno complex: reduces redness caused by cutaneous dryness or aggressive treatments that have stripped the skin’s moisture barrier.

How to use:
Apply repeatedly to the affected area of the face or body.