A-Lipo Sensilium Lipid Face Cream



85% soothes and relieves
81% moisturizes
high tolerance and efficacy
clinically and dermatologically tested

This cream is recommended for the daily care of hypersensitive skin prone to allergic reactions, excessive dryness, scaling and roughness.

This gentle cream with a high 8.5% concentration of dermo-lipids nourishes the skin and replenishes lipids, strengthening the epidermal hydro-lipid mantle and forming an effective barrier that protects the skin from moisture loss and excessive dryness.
Hyaluronic acid and vegetable waxes eliminate the feeling of dry and rough skin. Combined with repair peptides, they promote epidermal regeneration, improving skin smoothness and elasticity.
The scientifically advanced innovative Immuno-Prebiotic formula regulates the function of the skin?s immune system and relieves irritations. It stimulates the growth of the protective physiological cutaneous micro-flora to decrease the skin?s hypersensitivity. It actively prevents irritation, redness, itching and burning, promoting a healthy look and feel of the skin.
The cream absorbs quickly and does not contribute to clogged pores or comedones. It is an excellent make-up base.

Immuno-Prebiotic Formula: a formula which relieves irritations and controls skin hypersensitivity.
Leukine-Barrier formula: a formula which restores balance of the skin?s immune system and soothes irritations.
8.5% dermo-lipids : a composition of nutrients which boost regeneration and replenish skin moisture and lipid levels; they form a barrier that protects the skin from moisture loss and excessive dryness.

Usage Directions:
Cleanse the skin of your face using pharmaceris a products and apply the cream.
Use daily in the morning and at bedtime.

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