T-Puri Sebostatic Foam Cleanser



65% reduces the secretion of sebum
46% prevents the formation of blackheads
high tolerance and effectiveness
dermatologically tested
Daily face cleansing foam for acne-prone and combination skin prone to blackheads and excessive sebum production.
Also recommended for dry skin as a result of anti-acne treatment.
The product is suitable for skin of all ages.
It replaces traditional soap.
A delicate foam effectively cleans the skin of impurities and make-up.
The natural hydroxycitric acid contained in the tamarind extract has excellent exfoliating properties for dead epidermal cells and moisturizing, restoring the hydro-balance of the skin.
Burdock extract and PCA zinc reduce seborrhoeic skin dysfunction by normalizing sebum secretion.

Tamarind extract – exfoliates keratinized epidermis cells and has moisturizing properties, restoring the hydro-balance of the skin.
Burdock extract – effectively regulates the bacterial flora and excessive oily skin. It has antibacterial properties.
Zinc PCA – normalizes the excessive activity of the sebaceous glands, reducing the secretion of sebum.

Usage Directions:
Apply a small amount of the foam to your hand and wash your face.
Then rinse with water.
Use a toner and a suitable cream from the Pharmaceris T series.
Use every morning and evening.

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