T-Puri-Sebogel Deep Cleanser



97% cleans thoroughly
90% reduces shine
high tolerance and effectiveness
clinically and dermatologically tested
Antibacterial gel designed for daily cleansing of acne prone skin, prone to the formation of blackheads and oily skin.
The product is suitable for skin of all ages.
It replaces traditional soap.
The gel unblocks pores, effectively removes impurities and excess sebum without irritating or drying the skin.
The preparation has an antibacterial effect, ensuring proper hygiene and balance of the bacterial flora of acne-prone skin.
Sodium salicylate and mandelic acid gently exfoliate calloused epidermal cells and reduce the formation of new acne lesions.
The gel based on extremely mild cleansing ingredients does not destroy the natural protective barrier of the skin.
Preparation with a high degree of tolerance, soap-free

Mandelic acid, an aromatic hydroxy acid with an antibacterial effect. It exfoliates and regenerates the epidermis. Regulates the process of blackhead formation, reducing their visibility and the frequency of their appearance.
Sodium salicylate gently exfoliates calloused epidermis. It restores the skin’s even structure and a healthier appearance. Effectively cleanses the skin and reduces the tendency to blackheads.
Mango wax, rich in moisturizing properties, deeply penetrates the skin and nourishes its layers. It protects and rebuilds the epidermis.

Usage Directions:
Apply the gel to wet skin.
Wash your face massaging in circular movements avoiding the eye area, then rinse with clean water.
Use Pharmaceris T tonic and cream. Use every morning and evening.

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