A-Puri-Sensimil Milky Cleanser (Makeup Removal)



Milk for daily cleansing and removal of face and eye make-up for hypersensitive and allergic skin.
It is suitable for skin care at any age.
High tolerance and efficacy
Clinically and dermatologically tested
An ultra-delicate preparation based on microsphere particles that can reach and dissolve even the smallest micro-impurities.
It effectively cleanses the face and eye area of all traces of make-up, impurities and excess sebum.
Use of the Leukine Barrier and Immuno-Prebiotic formulas strengthens the natural skin?s natural barrier, protecting it from irritation, itching, excessive tightness and roughness.
D-Panthenol moisturises the skin and relieves irritation, eliminating discomfort for sensitive skin.

Immuno-Prebiotic Formula – alleviates irritation and reduces skin hypersensitivity.
Panthenol – a natural Vitamin B5 precursor that easily penetrates deep into the layers of the dermis, stimulating the growth and regeneration of epidermal and dermal cells. It facilitates the healing of various types of skin damage.
Allantoin – alleviates skin irritation, commonly used in medicine as an ingredient in ointments and powders to treat skin damage that is difficult to heal.

Usage Directions
Dual active daily use formula:

milk without water ? apply using a cosmetic pad, or
skin-cleansing, soothing emulsion with water (first spread onto the palm).
Avoid direct contact with the conjunctival sac.
Next, apply Pharmaceris A series cream.

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