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I believe in the products that I use and I insist on only the best for my clients. Over the years, I have built up a repertoire of a few favourites, and I have had fantastic results in terms of the quality of the skin care as well as their durability.

Filorga Products - click here for Filorga website

Filorga is an innovative and exciting range from Paris that specialises in products and treatments that are focussed on anti-aging technology. I trust this product for its effectiveness, as it has its background in aesthetic medicine and has proven to be the answer for women wanting to look their absolute best for longer.

I use the salon range of Filorga products at Expressions of Beauty. I stock the 1) Medi-Cosmetique® range and 2) Skin Perfusion (or home care) range.

The Medi-Cosmetique® range is a dermo-cosmetic range that was based on non-surgical anti-aging procedures. It combines aesthetic medicine with your daily beauty and skin care regime, giving women the tools they need to look and feel more beautiful for longer. By stocking these, I provide my clients with professional beauty products that really work and that can be used in the comfort of their home.

The Skin Perfusion range is a professional range that is used in salons, which I use to perform facials. It is also used as a home care range. It combines the benefits of certain massage techniques with professional products that are tailored to the unique needs of each skin type and woman. These include concentrated serums, vectorised anti-aging treatments, and peri-aesthetic treatments.

Cyrolift I have a Filorga Cryolift™ machine, which I use for all of my facials. This combines cryotherapy (the use of cold temperatures) and LED light therapy, and has proven to have massive advantages. This is effective for anti-wrinkle treatments, the revitalisation and rejuvenation of the skin, hydration, and the treatment of pigmentation. It also boasts a host of other benefits.

I offer Filorga light and medium peels (gluconolactone peels), which are pain free and offer visible, quick results for dry skin or skin that is showing signs of aging, wrinkles, and sun damage. This can be applied to any area of the body (this includes the face, neck, hands, chest, cleavage, thighs, arms and abdomen). These peels can be used on sensitive skin.

SVR Products - click here for SVR website

The SVR range is a dermatological one that has been tested and proven particularly effective for sensitive skins. This range is about using high concentrations of active ingredients without affecting the skin’s tolerance or sensitivity, effectively providing the strongest possible products with no negative effect.

This range maximises tolerance and is focused on sun care, beauty, anti-aging products and anti-perspirants for those who have struggled to find effective skin care and beauty products in the past. This company is also acclaimed for its ethical approach to beauty and skin care.

By understanding the fine balance between high concentrations of active ingredients and sensitive skin, SVR has created a range that brings the very best in terms of dermatology into the home of women all over the world. Some of the ‘secret’ ingredients that make this range so effective include:

MUD (Make-up Designory) Make-up Products - click here for MUD website

MUD products are designed for the catwalk, where bright lights, wardrobe changes and plenty of nerves are the order of the day. For that reason, these beauty products look fabulous and really last through a number of challenging situations.

There is plenty of variety under the umbrella of the MUD range, ensuring that there are products, colours and effects to suit you and your unique needs. I love the flawless application of these products and I feel confident sending my brides, models, or corporate ladies out with MUD, knowing that they look beautiful and can feel confident about their make-up’s longevity.

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Each woman that comes to Expressions of Beauty is different. She has her own character and charm, and I love to use her unique features to bring out the beauty that she has, both inside and out.